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FMI Freight Management Cost Calculator

Include Full, LTL, Drayage, Intermodal/Rail

Carriers already helping to fulfill your transportation needs are considered to be in your "Private Network".

How much of your organization's freight needs can be moved outside your Private Network?

Technology with Finite Event Managment

Knowing where all of your shipments are is a huge benefit but keeping up with them can be time consuming. The Event Management solution is designed for companies that want to execute daily shipments themselves but want us to handle the track and trace capabilities. You keep control of your entire logistics operations while freeing up your internal resources. By utilizing Event Management, you know where all of your shipments are while saving time and money.

Technology with Operation Planning & Exceptions Management

Controlling unexpected logistics conflicts can be a hassle to manage. Working with our Operations Planning team takes that burden off while keeping you productive. Whether there are appointment conflicts, driver issues, weight problems, mechanical failures or weather delays, we resolve these challenges with expertise. You have the flexibility to make sure logistics execution is a better experience.


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