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Freight Management Inc. (FMI) is an award-winning freight brokerage based in Glendale Heights that provides reliable transportation solutions and agile supply chain services. By anticipating customer needs, we are able to stay proactive in our approach to freight transport.

FMI executes hundreds of daily loads with ease and can help keep your freight moving during capacity surges, a volatile economy, and challenging lane solutions. Whether it be for seasonal freight capacity or managing the transport of your high service-level lanes, We provide the best freight brokerage solutions available in the market.

FMI Is The Freight Brokerage You Can Rely On

Lowest rates

Lowest Rates

Our experienced freight brokerage backed by our technology ensures an overall better experience with visibility at decreased costs, handling fees, and accessorial fees, allowing us to offer better prices to our customers.

Best support

Best Support

You get a dedicated account executive. Someone who knows your business and acts as an extension of it. From providing freight solutions tailored to your needs to managing freight updates and freight tracking, your single point of contact has your back.

Flexible capacity

Flexible Capacity

We match you with the right carrier so you can rest assured that your freight will move securely, efficiently, and on time. Our longstanding partnerships with highly qualified carriers allow us to confidently provide optimal solutions that meet all your freight requirements.

Assured capacity

Assured Capacity

If we accept a load, we execute the load and make sure that it is delivered in a timely and satisfactory manner. We strive to meet customers’ expectations no matter what. We assure that goods sourced by our customers reach their destination safely and sound every time.

Greater visibility

Greater Visibility

Leveraging My Freight Manager®, our proprietary TMS, we automate the shipment monitoring and status updates while providing a complete overview and tracking of your freight movements. Take control over your freight – leverage 100% visibility technology.

Get the Freight Brokerage Services You Need

At FMI, we have access to a huge network of highly qualified freight carriers throughout the US. We maintain these relationships and leverage our buying power with leading trucking companies so that we can offer customers timely, safe, and cost-efficient freight solutions.
  • Dry Van
  • Flatbed
  • Refrigerated/Temperature Controlled
  • Heavy-Haul
  • Specialized Freight
full truckload (FTL) services
container drayage shipments
We understand that your business needs reliable drayage services to efficiently import and export cargo, and we think we can help. We specialize in drayage services and are committed to providing our customers with the best technology and expertise, allowing them to benefit from a smooth and streamlined experience. Our technology provides visibility and insights into the shipment process, helping you stay informed and up-to-date.
Through our extensive network of transport resources, you don’t have to pay additional costs for full truckloads that you don’t need; instead, LTL services allow you to ship your freight and pay for only the space you use. We work with all major LTL carriers, as well as small and medium sized LTL and Volume LTL providers nationwide. Don’t give up flexibility in exchange for dependable freight delivery.
truck providing LTL services
multi-modal freight transportation
FMI moves freight across a variety of transportation modes with ease and dependability. Whether it’s via truck, ship, air, or intermodal rail, FMI has the resources and expertise necessary to get your freight where it needs to go safely, efficiently, and on time.

Expedited Freight

We have the necessary tools and resources to accommodate expedited freight shipping needs. Our commitment to customers is evident in everything they do. So if you need freight delivered “yesterday,” FMI freight brokerage can handle it.
trucks moving with expedited freight

FMI Freight Brokerage Is The Edge You Need

Move freight anyway, any time or anywhere. Regardless of market conditions. FMI is a freight brokerage that uses its expertise to evaluate the multitude of freight carriers and options on the market and then aligns each shipment with the proper carrier for that specific circumstance. This helps businesses maintain continuity in their supply chains and maximize the most efficient pricing, transportation lanes, and freight ages available at any given time. With freight brokering services, businesses can keep their freight moving regardless of prevailing market conditions.

We’ll Do the Heavy Lifting

Evaluate Freight Carriers

FMI makes sure to do its due diligence in selecting the best carriers for the job. Companies turn to FMI to make sound decisions about which carriers are best suited for their freight shipments.

Monitor Shipments

With our freight broker service, you can be sure your shipment will arrive on time, or if any problems arise in transit, we will find alternate strategies – like alternate shipping routes – to make sure your freight makes it to its destination quickly and safely. Leaving you worry-free about delays or hiccups down the road.

Maintain Compliance

FMI understands the importance of staying compliant in all freight transactions, ensuring on-time deliveries according to shipper demands. Our involvement includes necessary paperwork and verification of freight insurance that meets government requirements as well as customer expectations.

Compare Rates & Negotiate With Carriers

Freight rate negotiation is an essential part of our business. Carriers prefer working with freight brokerages as we help make operations efficient and have established long-term partnerships. FMI will determine which carrier offers the best rate that fits well with your needs. By comparing freight rates from different carriers and negotiating with them, FMI is able to get the best possible deal for you.

Dedicated Account Support

At Freight Management Inc., our team provides dedicated account support that is focused on meeting your company’s needs – no matter when they arise. Your 24/7/365 specialist will be ready to listen to your freight concerns and then work quickly to resolve them. It’s our goal to provide the best service possible: reliable, dependable, and always looking for ways to improve.

Right Capacity, Right Service

We offer reliable, cost-effective freight solutions to customers of any size. We leverage our long-term carrier relationships to ensure the highest quality service and competitive prices. Our freight specialists are experts in their field, hand-picking options for freight shipping based on each client’s specific needs and always delivering on capacity.

Transparent Visibility, Inside Intel

FMI utilizes up-to-date freight market intel, which is essential to stay competitive in the industry. We offer transparent tracking options to allow you to easily monitor the movement of your freight at any given time. We also provide strategic market intelligence and analytics that enable us to benchmark costs, get accurate forecasting, and make well-informed decisions. We help businesses make smarter purchasing decisions to optimize their bottom line.

Trust & Reliability

When you utilize our freight brokerage services, you can rest easy knowing that the job will be done the right way—every time. We’ve earned our reputation for trust and reliability by standing behind our commitments to our customers, no matter what. Our laser focus on customer service means we go out of our way to provide smarter solutions that are tailored to your freight needs.

Powerful My Freight TMS At Your Fingertips

By leveraging real-time visibility and analytics capabilities built into its user-friendly tools, freight agents can take complete control of their freight contracts and dominate their day.

Load Tracking & Matching

Load tracking and predictive freight matching solutions are revolutionizing the freight brokerage industry. With FMI, freight brokers can connect to the right capacity quickly and capture key documents with ease. This advanced technology not only makes it easier for freight brokers to stay organized but also accelerates freight visibility so shippers can easily track their shipments in real time.
load tracking and predictive freight matching
advanced tms system for freight brokerage

Real-Time Management

My Freight Manager® TMS, our transportation management system, you can manage all freight modes on demand in real-time. You can track your freight from origin to destination with access to high-level analytics and a range of reporting options. Stay up-to-date with custom alerts and gain insights into load history to ensure smooth operations. Flexible solutions allow you to scale up or down as needed, so you are always working at peak efficiency.

Simplified Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)

Streamline your LTL freight with our aggressive blanket rate programs, price matching, and end-to-end tracking. Our TMS makes it efficient and effortless to connect to a portfolio of LTL providers. We make the process stress-free and fast, easily taking the heavy load off of you as you transport goods across the country.
freight brokerage business using advanced TMS for efficient LTL

Why We’re The Best Freight Brokerage In The Biz

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