Cut Container Drayage Costs

Eliminate Complexity

container drayage costs mount up fast

Container Drayage Costs Can Mount Up Fast

Costs can mount at an alarming speed when dealing with container drayage. Contributing factors include per-diem charges, flip charges, and storage fees. It is easy for companies to get in over their head quickly.

Add to that the transportation issues that afflict organizations industry-wide such as highway congestion, railway delays, chassis shortages, poor communication and software that is difficult to master.

These days, the business of container drayage is one fraught with inefficiencies, high costs, and communication breakdowns.

Overcoming The Drayage Chaos

Freight Management, Inc. leverages over 40 years of experience in the transportation industry, nationwide partnerships and proprietary technology to streamline the process of moving your drayage from port to door.

The company puts the power of effectively managing your drays in your hands with DraydexTM, the revolutionary TMS extension that gives you high-level access to market rates, actionable insights and the ability to monitor your containers.

It is the industry’s most accurate spot market index, supported by contributions from top global freight forwarders.

Superior Container Drayage Management

With The Best Spot Market Index

Port & Ramp Pricing From All Ports & Ramps

Instant Benchmarking

Accessorial Charges & Linehauls Presented In Detail

Instant Alternate Route Pricing

Historical Lane Search

Comparison Between Carriers

Improved Booking Speed

More Accurate & Efficient Record Keeping

Monitoring Of Carrier Compliance

Carrier Safety & Insurance Monitoring

Why Should You Trust DraydexTM?

FMI Handles Over 12,000 Drays Each Year For 80% Of The Top 25 Forwarders

Cost Savings

Customers that entrust the management of drays to FMI experience overall service level improvement and cost savings.

My Freight Manager® TMS

My Freight Manager® TMS has successfully integrated with many ERP, TMS, and third-party applications. FMI can integrate with the ERP via your preferred digital connection preference—be it EDI, XML, FTP or API.

Greater Visibility

TMS provides greater domestic visibility, hands-down.

Automated Email Notifications

Automated email notifications provide updates when orders are dispatched, picked up, delayed or delivered. Receive updates instantly, without logging into the TMS to receive updates.

Enhanced Visibility And Tracking Of Your Supply Chain

My Freight Manager® is a web-based system that provides real-time shipment visibility and detailed reporting. While the interface is advanced, it is also user-friendly, intuitive and flexible. It gives you access to the following:

24/7 Carrier Safety & Insurance Monitoring

Bill of lading (BOL) Creation

24/7 Web-Based Access To All Parties

Tier-1 Data Center Providing 99.7% Up-Time

Easy To Use

Getting the system up and running, and training your staff on it, is a cinch and takes very little time.

When DraydexTM is used in conjunction with My Freight Manager®, you will master the effective management of all your domestic container drayage. My Freight Manager® drives the extension and gives you access to the automated and intuitive platform.

Contributors & Non-Contributors

Use DraydexTM On Its Own As A Contributor Or Non-Contributor

Contributors Enjoy:

  • Live, Up-to-Minute Spot Price access
  • Complimentary rate management system
  • No charge for carrier monitoring
  • Unlimited users and carriers

Non-Contributors Get:

  • No long-term contract required
  • Monthly billing
  • Freedom to cancel anytime
  • Available API connectivity

Container Drayage Solutions

Effectively Manage Your Drays

Marine Port Access

Marine Port Access Done Right

Our extensive network of smart depots ensures that your shipments can be delivered anywhere. Freight Management, Inc. (FMI) has the fleet power and industry connections to get it there in time and under budget.

Rail Ramp Access

Far-Reaching Rail Ramp Access

Railways are a critical form of intermodal transportation. FMI has built a widespread transportation network to offer you the significant advantages of shipping via railway and other modes of transportation.


Streamlined Cross-Docking

Freight Management, Inc. gives you the ability to maximize the efficiency of your supply chain with cross-docking. You can ship your goods to a higher number of destinations while minimizing the number of routes you need to use.


Meticulous Palletization

Minimize manpower and unloading time at loading docks with FMI’s thorough, meticulous palletization services. We palletize all of your containers to your specifications and can save you money if you receive multiple containers.

Tri-Axle & Other Equipment

Providing Tri-Axle & Other Equipment

When your truckloads are simply too heavy for standard equipment, Freight Management, Inc. offers tri-axle chassis that provides better weight distribution due to utilizing three axles. We help ensure your shipments meet local safety and compliance standards.

Simplify Your Process

We’ll Simplify Your Container Drayage Process & Make It Cost-Effective