Stop Settling For A Frustrating Rate Comparison Process

We will take a hard pass on this type of tradition: getting drayage rates the traditional way.

Let’s be honest, it is tedious, time-consuming and often leaves you in the dark about accessorial charges. Waiting hours for carriers to respond and scrawling all of the rates on a pad with a pencil or an unorganized spreadsheet just does not cut it anymore.

The modern solution: DRAYDEX! Our Draydex technology includes a Book Now feature, instant pricing, user-friendly rate management system, and the most accurate spot market index offering the most competitive prices all for FREE.

Get instant Book Now pricing on your drayage

Get Instant Drayage Pricing Including Capacity

The Book Now feature available from Freight Management, Inc. gives you instant drayage pricing from every single ramp and port. Say good riddance to delayed responses and a lack of visibility into rate details.

The Book Now feature also offers competitive pricing that goes a long way in relieving your budget.

These are just a few of the reasons why 80% of the Top 25 global forwarders trust FMI to meet their drayage needs.

Get Rates

Select your ramp or port and where the container will be loading or unloading to quickly retrieve the current market pricing, alternate route pricing, as well as FMI’s “Book Now” rate.

Quickly retrieve the current market price, alternate route price & FMI’s Book Now rate
Get competitive book now pricing

Book Now

Ditch the old systems. Our pricing will give you a much more competitive rate, and our drayage and domestic services are entrusted by nearly every freight forwarder out there, so we know our reputation and service back up our prices. Instant pricing from every port and ramp, available online or digitally via an API to your system.

Load Details

View your drayage shipments, track their progress, and retrieve POD’s all from our web-based portal.

drayage shipment web-based portal
FREE rate management system (RMS)

No Limit Imposed On The Number Of Free Rates You Can Get

Freight Management, Inc. does not impose a cap on the number of rates you can obtain from its FREE rate management system (RMS).

The comprehensive RMS provides:

  • Full visibility into the dollar amount each carrier is charging, making it easy to manage rates and all of the related accessorial charges
  • A way of storing and comparing drayage rates that offers great convenience versus the current market average
  • Access all of the information at any time from a central place
  • A way for ocean import and export managers to monitor their teams and make sure they are getting the best rates on drayage

An Unrivaled Spot Market Index

Book Now Pricing and the Rate Management System are both part of Draydex™, a spot market index unlike any other in the industry. You can benchmark to get truly competitive rates using the best spot market index available.

Draydex gives you a real-time snapshot of the rates that forwarders and shippers are paying carriers.

With all of these great tools, it is time to kick tradition to the curb and embrace the modern way of getting drayage rates.

Book Now Pricing and the Rate Management System are both part of Draydex

Relieve Some Of That Frustration While Saving Money