4 Types Of Truckers That Are Vital To The Supply Chain

70% Of All Freight Tonnage Moved In The U.S. Is Transported By Truck

Trucks are the supply chain backbone

The Supply Chain Backbone

Truck drivers are the backbone of the supply chain and vital to the movement of goods in almost every industry. Throughout the U.S., you will find many types of truckers moving goods from point A to point B. Highways across the nation are filled with trucks of all shapes and sizes, ensuring that goods get delivered on time and that the supply chain runs smoothly.

Types of Truckers & Draymen

Anywhere you go in the U.S. you will find truckers moving goods from point A to point B. Highways across the nation are filled with trucks of all shapes and sizes, making sure goods get delivered on time and the supply chain continues to run smoothly.

There are a wide variety of trucks and truckers that are used to transport all types of goods. Professional truck drivers come in all shapes and sizes. They often specialize in handling particular goods at a specific moment in the supply chain and transporting them on a particular type of truck.

FMI works with a wide variety of truckers and draymen, with some of the four most common below.

Drayage truckers

Drayage Trucker

Drayage truckers typically ship goods a short distance often at the end of the supply chain. These types of truckers typically work regionally, and when you see shipping containers being transported by trucks along the highway, those are drayage trucks.

Port truckers

Port Trucker

As the name might suggest, port truck drivers typically spend a lot of their time at ports. These can be shipping ports or rail yards, and they conduct pick-ups and drop-offs from these locations.

Container truckers

Container Trucker

Container truckers are responsible for loading and transporting material containers to and from customer locations. Container-type trucks can vary widely from standard shipping containers to specialized containers for drayage of hazardous materials, heavy container trucking, and more.

Intermodal truckers

Intermodal Trucker

“Intermodal” refers to a shipment that uses more than one form of transport (ship, train, air, etc.). Intermodal truckers provide the trucking section of the intermodal supply chain. Many times the intermodal transport is train-to-truck, allowing the train to do the long haul while the truck finishes up the journey.

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