Forget The Old Way Of Getting Your Freight Rates

Enjoy Our FREE Money & Time Saver Rate Management System!

Obtaining and managing dray rates used to be a tedious task. Send an email to every single carrier, wait two hours for them to respond, write down all of the information on your scratchpad and calculate the total cost of each rate manually.

Who has time for that?

Furthermore, the delay in carrier responses and the lengthy amount of time it takes you to record and calculate all rate information manually leaves you open to losing out on low freight rates.

Obtaining and managing dray rates used to be a tedious task.
Freight Management Inc's rate management system is free

The Information You Need Is At Your Fingertips

Recognizing how costly the traditional method of obtaining rates is in terms of money and time, Freight Management, Inc. (FMI) has made its rate management system (RMS) available free of charge.

Our free RMS provides:

  • Easy management of rates and all of the related accessorial charges; see exactly what carriers are charging
  • An easy way to store and compare your drayage rates vs the current market average
  • All information housed in a central place; easily access it at any time
  • Full visibility for ocean import and export managers to see if your teams are purchasing drayage at the best prices available

We Give You Unlimited Free Access To The Number Of Rates You Can Get!

Other transportation providers impose a cap on the number of rates you can obtain free of charge per month.

Freight Management, Inc. gives you unlimited free access to rates!

Benchmark To Get The Most Competitive Rates

The rate management system is part of Draydex™, our one-of-a-kind spot market rate index. This tool imparts the knowledge you need to understand the rates dictated at every ramp or port. The most accurate spot market index on the market allows you to benchmark – ensuring you receive the most competitive rates from your carriers.

With Draydex, you get:

  • “Book Now” technology that provides instant drayage pricing from every port and ramp
  • Our free rate management system that gives you a quick, easy and accurate way to compare rates
  • Our spot market index that provides a real-time snapshot the rates brokers are paying carriers

Do not let inefficiencies slow down your business and hurt your bottom line! Freight Management, Inc.’s free rate management system ensures you get competitive drayage rates.

our rate management system is part of Draydex, our one-of-a-kind spot market rate index