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Fast and Straightforward Integrations For All Your Most Used Logistics Software

Logistics Software Integrations With Freight Management Inc.

Efficient Logistics Flows

Our TMS and other proprietary technology have been designed to integrate with the most used logistics software from day one. You can centralize and manage all your shipping operations in one location. Get complete visibility of every stage of the supply chain.

With over 40 years of experience in the logistics industry, we have seen how technology has changed the ways logistics operate. We understand the importance of having a reliable system that you can count on to show you the information you need. We know how to develop the right architecture to make your logistics integrations happen smoothly and have years of experience building integrations with some of the biggest freight suppliers in the U.S.

Save Time

Quickly pull information from multiple sources into one simple to use software. Our TMS can integrate with your freight provider to save time looking through various logistics platforms to source all the data you need.

Gain Full Visibility

View all the information you need at every stage of your supply chain. Integrate from any of our partners and have full visibility of all your loads in one simple-to-navigate platform.

A System You Can Rely On

FMI performs integrations through our in-house team. We have total oversight and quality control, making sure all logistics integrations run smoothly from day one.

Inbound and Outbound Logistics Integrations

FMIs technology can easily integrate with numerous logistics systems through simple to implement API integrations. These help you see further efficiency in your logistics and allow a free-flowing of information rather than jumping between various software to gain full visibility of your supply chain.

Our system can integrate from an inbound and outbound perspective. Whether you are a shipper, a vendor, or a carrier, we integrate from all perspectives with all of the biggest names in U.S freight.

Our Logistics Integration Partners

Transportation technology for managing your fright. Brokers can post loads and carriers can search for available loads in real-time.

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Freight exchange service that helps match brokers and carriers and provides real time truckload freight rate service.

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Trinium Technologies

Trinium Technologies

Since 2001, Trinium Technologies has been the leading provider of enterprise software for intermodal trucking, container drayage, and third-party logistics companies.

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Logistics platform built to help you make smarter decisions when shipping your freight. Use reliable and quality data to make informed decisions about when and how to ship your freight.

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A transportation network that provides unparalleled visibility throughout your supply chain.


Transportation software built to centralize the management of freight transportation. Quick visibility and access to data make it fast and simple to keep control of your supply chain.

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A complete financial management platform from banking to billing and taxes. Offers a suite of business services providing seamless financial management for businesses.


Cloud technology leveraged to create a multi-modal carrier network. You can use the centralized network to capitalize on supply chain opportunities.

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Identify and extract data from Word, PDF, and image-based documents.


An open-source data management system that helps you organize and structure your data to notice patterns and interpret your information.

EIA / U.S. Energy Information Administration

Use the Federal Statistical System that collects, analyzes, and disseminates energy information to make informed decisions about your freight cost.


Sales processing software that helps you quickly collect signatures and create and sign any docs related to your freight.

AAA Cooper

A less than truckload freight carrier with facilities in the Southeast, Southwest, and Midwest.

ABF Freight

A less-than-truckload freight carrier based in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Dohrn Transfer

A family-run less-than-truckload carrier covering nine Midwestern states.


A full-service freight transportation provider based in Richmond, Virginia.

Forward Air

A leading provider of ground transportation and related logistics services for air freight and is a single-source provider that can deliver services across the supply chain.


A well-established freight provider that has been shipping since 1929 and has been recognized for delivering the most next-day service lanes in the North East.

Old Dominion

A less than truckload shipping company, founded in 1934.


Simple to use planning app that helps drivers maximize their time by providing intelligent suggestions for when to stop and take a rest.

R&L Carriers

A freight shipping company based in Wilmington, Ohio. Established just over 50 years ago, with only one truck they have now expanded to a fleet of 21,000 tractors and trailers.


Founded in Oregon in 1919, Reddaway is a regional freight carrier that serves the western United States and Canada.


A less than truckload shipping company with 29 service centers across the U.S that allow them to deliver expansive long haul, regional, and next day service across the upper 48.

Saia Corporation

A less than truckload trucking company, based in Houma, Louisiana that provides services in 30 states. They are now ranked as one of the top ten of LTL carriers in the U.S.

Southeastern Freight Lines

A less than truckload freight company based in Lexington, South Carolina. They operate in the Southeastern and Southwestern U.S. and are the 10th largest LTL carriers in the US based on annual revenue.

Standard Forwarding

A less than truckload trucking company with 14 terminals spread throughout the Midwest.

Ward Transport & Logistics

A less than truckload freight company established in 1931 with one truck and two guys that has grown to provide services across the U.S and Canada while remaining family-owned and operated.


A logistics company based in Overland Park, Kansas that specializes in less-than-truckload and short-haul shipping solutions for industrial, commercial, and retail goods.

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