Less Than Truckload Shipping

Simplifying The Process While Cutting Freight Costs

Challenges With Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Shipping

There are several challenges you have likely encountered with your less-than-truckload shipping:

  • Finding a carrier that handles these types of shipments
  • Choosing the correct freight class
  • Finding the best freight rates without sacrificing service level
  • Some shipments are deemed lower priority and take longer to reach their destination
  • The need for the correct limit of liability and extra insurance on your less than truckload shipments

Taking all these challenges into account every single time you send out a shipment eats up valuable time and manpower. Also, confusion over transportation jargon can further delay the process.

Not with Freight Management Inc. We leverage experience, connections, and proprietary technology to overcome these challenges with the ultimate all-in-one solution.


How Freight Management Inc. Is Different

We Handle All Types Of Shipping including less-than-truckload

We Choose The Correct Freight Class For You

We Get You The Best Possible Rates On Your Freight

We Never Deem Your Shipment A Low Priority

Let Us Take Care Of Your Less Than Truckload Shipping

Your time and energy should be directed toward running your business – not wasted on considering the details for every single shipment. Freight Management leverages more than 40 years in the transportation industry, creates strong business relationships, and utilizes proprietary technology to simplify the full truckload and less-than-truckload shipping process for you. Our freight solutions include:

Competitive Discounts

Liftgate Service


Convention Pickup & Delivery

Volume Pricing On Demand

Residential Delivery

Drop PUP Services

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We Have The Resources & Experience To Manage Your Less-Than-Truckload Shipping Effectively & Affordably