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My Freight Manager Is An All-In-One TMS Software Centralizing Critical Shipment Details

My Freight Manager TMS Software Interface

A Vital Component Your Shipments Are Missing

Shipping is a vital part of your business. But far too often, companies struggle with a disconnected, poorly structured transportation management system (TMS software) that results in chaos, disorganization, and lost opportunities.

It can seem downright impossible to keep track of the numerous factors you must take into account every time you send a shipment. Additionally, several teams often work on each shipment that goes out. These factors both create the impression that achieving solidarity in shipping is a pipe dream.

Well, that dream is now a reality. Introducing our proprietary solution called My Freight Manager®.

Connect The Dots To Achieve Shipping Success

Developed and maintained by a transportation industry leader, My Freight Manager® is an all-in-one transportation management system that centralizes the critical details of your shipments into one system.

Our customers and their carriers and vendors can all use this TMS software to review and manage their shipments. It provides full shipping visibility and thorough reporting. The interface is flexible, user-friendly, and intuitive.

a tms software that connects the dots

Features Of Our Transportation Management System

Shippers Get

  • Real-Time Shipment Tracking
  • Less-Than-Truckload Rates
  • POD And Document Retrieval
  • Automated Email Notifications
  • Customized Reports
  • Unlimited Users & Vendors

Carriers Get

  • Bidding On Available Shipments
  • Post Available Capacity
  • Ability To Upload Pods
  • Billing Amount Confirmation
  • Invoice Uploads
  • Ability To Check Payment Status

Vendors Get

  • Central Freight Portal
  • Simple Order Entry
  • Routing Guide
  • Carrier Selection
  • Instant Messaging
  • Reporting

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Freight Management Inc. Services, Pricing, & Savings

Our entirely web-based My Freight Manager® TMS software gives you access to tools that empower you to maximize productivity, save time, and improve decision-making by presenting all of the transportation information you need in one system. Whether you want to use our managed services and staff a little or a lot, we can create a plan for you.