Earn Up To 75% Commission

And Get Access To Industry-Leading Technology

Are you struggling to drive growth as a freight agency?

Our industry-leading technology provides data-driven insights and a user-friendly experience. It is designed and built in-house by logistics professionals who understand the day-to-day of running a successful freight brokerage. Grow your business and spend less time on lagging systems and processes that get in the way of you running your business, and spend more time prospecting new customers and making a substantial commission.

Grow Your Freight Agent Business with Freight Management, Inc.

Build Trusting Relationships with New Customers and Provide Superior Customer Service to Existing Clients

Customer Support

FMI is built on honesty and transparency. We work hard to maintain our reputation as one of the best logistics service providers in the business. We do this by taking care of everyone we work with-from customers, to carriers, and everyone in-between. Agents are an important part of our network, and we are here to support you with whatever you need.

Our customer support team is world-class and can answer any questions you have and work to fix any issues you might encounter with lightning speed.

Proprietary Technology

We provide agents with access to our industry-leading, proprietary technology, including our Draydex™ and My Freight Manager TMS®. The innovative features make it easy for you to provide quick and accurate quoting, close deals fast, and move more loads.

Our technology frees up your time. With customer and carrier access to the TMS, and instant email notification updates to your clients, you can spend less time worrying about the day-to-day and more time growing your business and landing new customers.

My Freight Manager TMS®

We built My Freight Manager TMS® for our agents that really excel at full truckload and drayage shipments. It centralizes critical shipment details so you have them all in one place. The interface is user-friendly, so you won’t have another system you need to take time out to learn. My Freight Manager TMS® will increase your productivity, enhance decision-making by putting all of the information you need in one place, and save you time.

Draydex for shippers and carriers


While the TMS allows you to keep track of your shipments, Draydex™ allows you to keep track of rates more efficiently. You’ll also get access to pricing and capacity from draymen you may not currently work with. For truckload, our system was built in-house by brokers who understand your needs and issues. You’ll love the actionable insights and your ability to monitor shipments. You’ll also enjoy high level access to market rates.

User-Friendly Experience

Our technology is simple to use. You will pick up the intuitive interface in no time. In addition to the user-friendly interface, we have numerous resources and an excellent support team that can assist you if you have any questions, and advise how to get the most out of our technology.

75% Commission

Earn a generous commission of up to 75% with our freight agent program. We appreciate how hard freight agents work and offer a commission above the industry standard that never reduces over time.

Our large network of freight carriers means you get to work with some of the top providers in the US. Supported by our robust technology and dedicated back office, FMI makes it simple for you to earn huge gross profit margins, consistently, every month.

Why Agents Choose Freight Management Inc.

FMI testimonial freight agent

“FMI provides all the resources, tools, and support a freight agent can ask for. Very user-friendly and intuitive. Huge time saver.”

Ensure The Success And Longevity Of Your Business

Foster Relationships With New Customers And Provide Superior Customer Service To Existing Clients