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Freight Management, Inc. is a stable shipping partner in Chicago with a reputation you can trust. We provide freight management solutions supported by our proprietary technology, which is what helps keep you on the road to success.

We have been operating for over 40 years and many of our employees have been with us for nearly the same amount of time. Our main location is in Glendale Heights, IL just outside Chicago, and we provide shipping logistics all over the Midwest.

Truckers and shippers trust us because we consistently make the supply chain run smoothly and maintain good relationships at intermodal rail yards, terminals, and depots.

Why Choose FMI For All Of Your Drayage Trucking In Chicago & Throughout The Midwest

The thing that sets FMI apart as a top drayage trucking and logistics services company in Chicago and throughout the Midwest is our customer care, experience, and our reputation for delivering results.

Our greater than 98% on-time percentage and less than 0.001% claim ratio annually are a testament to how much we dedicate ourselves to providing the best service and utilizing the highest quality carrier partners possible. A large part of what helps fuel this success is our proprietary technologies, such as Draydex™.

Drayage trucking in Chicago

Draydex For Shippers / Forwarders in Chicago

see what other drayage carriers were bidding

Benefits of a Draydex™ Drayage Membership For Shippers & Forwarders

Draydex™ can help shippers and forwarders avoid and control costs and transportation issues. Drayage trucking in Chicago can come to a dizzying price. Additional costs such as storage fees, flip charges, and per-diem charges quickly add up and affect your bottom line. With Draydex™, shippers and forwarders can get the most accurate spot market rate. These insights mean that you will get a much more competitive rate, and you always have the choice of a “book now” option with FMI. Rest easy knowing your shipment is safe and that our drayage and domestic services are entrusted by almost every freight forwarder in the country.

Draydex™ For Carriers / Truckers in Chicago

Truckers and carriers in Chicago benefit from using Draydex™ to ensure they are providing competitive drayage trucking rates. Here are four reasons why Midwest truckers choose us:

Increased Rates

Increased Rates

You can review the ever-changing rates of your competitors to help you place the most competitive bid. When competitors are charging more, you know you can increase your rates and ensure you get the right price when there is high demand in the market. The pricing is reflected in the index.

Changing Rates

Changing Rates

Truck drayage rates in Chicago change from day to day. Gas prices, seasonal imports, the global economy, and more affect the local shipping rates. By using Draydex™, you can stay in the know about changing rates and adjust your bidding accordingly.

Strategic Bidding

Strategic Bidding

Bidding can be time-consuming. It can often require a lot of research to ensure that you make a successful bid. With Draydex™, you effectively get to peek behind the curtain and remove the need for time-consuming research. You can quickly see what competitors are bidding and make strategic bids with little effort.

Free Trial

Free Trial

Draydex offers a one-month free trial. You can test out the platform and see how much time and money it can save you. After the first free month, there is a monthly subscription fee of $49, which can be canceled at any time.