Meet Shipping Demands

Deliver Satisfaction Every Time

Offering Significant Advantages To Retailers & Shippers

In a world where next-day delivery, lightning-fast returns, and cheap or free shipping have become expected, eCommerce companies that do not offer these options will find it nearly impossible to compete.

Yet many retailers and shippers lack the resources necessary to expedite fast, low-cost shipping and returns processes for their customers.

Freight Management, Inc. is a non-asset-based logistics service provider – allowing us to offer significant advantages to retailers and shippers in the eCommerce industry.

Non-Asset-Based Logistics

We offer significant advantages to retailers and shippers in the eCommerce industry.

If you experience challenges, then our Final Mile & White Glove services are the perfect solutions for you.

Expanded Resources

Detailed Reporting

Increased Visibility Of Shipments

Web-Based Portals & Order Entry

Exceptional Customer Service

Standout Final Mile & White Glove Services

As a non-asset-based logistics service provider, Freight Management, Inc. works with a nationwide network of white glove delivery specialists and technicians. Due to our position, we can offer the following Final Mile & White Glove services to give you an advantage in your market…

When you use Final Mile & White Glove, you get:

Direct To Consumer eCommerce

A Direct Pipeline To Your Customers

Freight Management, Inc. ensures your direct-to-consumer eCommerce operations are successful by getting your goods there faster and keeping you updated on their status throughout the entire process – allowing you to proactively manage any potential issues.

Direct Store Delivery

Reduce Operating Costs With Direct Store Delivery

Skip the distribution center and ship your goods directly to the retail store with FMI’s dependable direct store delivery services. You will watch your costs and the time spent on shipping decrease. Furthermore, you will gain greater control over your inventory.

Home Delivery

Increase Customer Retention And Future Sales With Dependable Home Delivery

Customers like the convenience of home delivery, but feel anxiety over the issues that can accompany it. Freight Management, Inc. offers them reassurance with dependable home delivery service that ensures every measure is taken to secure their packages upon arrival.

Threshold & Room-Of-Choice

Personalize The Delivery Service

Your customers are unlikely to forget it when a driver carries their package up a flight of stairs for them or even unpacks and assembles their item in the room of their choosing. When you personalize the delivery service for them by using our threshold and room-of-choice services, you will leave a lasting impression that will keep them coming back for more.

Certified Technicians & Installs

Send The Best For Setup And Installation

The goods your customers receive deserve the most meticulous handling when setting up and installing – and these days, customers demand the highest level of service. We help you delight them by sending certified technicians to complete setups and installations efficiently and well.

Professional, Courteous Drivers

Drivers That Are Always Courteous And Professional

Working with courteous, professional drivers is imperative when you run an eCommerce business – both to ensure they treat your customers well for last-mile services and are dependable for your needs. FMI selects its drivers very carefully, working with only the best to provide a pleasant, hassle-free experience for you and your customers.

Improve Your Delivery & Return Times

We Work With A Nationwide Network Of Specialists & Technicians