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A Strong Supply Chain

Are you tired of kinks in your company’s supply chain? Logistics often involves many moving parts that all need to work in synchronization together. With Freight Management Inc, you can rest easy knowing that every aspect of the supply chain will flow smoothly with our proven solutions. No cargo stuck at the docks, no late deliveries, and no running around trying to track orders.

A strong supply chain means you see savings, improved service, and real solutions to real-time problems. We have established and trusted relationships with our partners in the logistics supply chain that means your St. Charles company can grow, thrive, and not have to worry about your freight. It will always be where you need it when you need it.

The success of St. Charles companies depends on a strong supply chain. Freight Management Inc has over 40 years of delivering solutions in the supply chain logistics industry and uses our expertise to ensure that our chains don’t break and your business keeps running smoothly.

We have our own proprietary technologies and carefully safeguard your supply chain by thoroughly vetting every carrier we work with. These things allow us to deliver the highest level of service to St. Charles companies. You get clear visibility of the supply chain and are always aware of what is happening, allowing you to rest easy knowing your cargo is in only the best hands.

What we deliver to our clients:

  • More than 98% on-time performance
  • Thousands of vetted carriers
  • A claim ratio that is less than 0.001% annually
  • Full visibility via our My Freight Manager® transportation management system (TMS)
Freight Management Inc is St Charles leading solution for Chicago companies
Proprietary Technology

State of the Art Tech You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Our proprietary, state-of-the-art freight management technology gives St. Charles companies a competitive edge.

If you’ve been operating in St. Charles for a while, you know that standing out from your competitors is tough. Markets have become oversaturated and as such, delivering the highest standard of service to your customers is essential to stop them from jumping ship and buying a similar product elsewhere.

Our proprietary technology is what will help you deliver that excellent service and stand out from your competitors. Fast and reliable deliveries will set your company apart from others in St. Charles. Our tech is here to deliver an effortlessly smooth supply chain that keeps you and your customers happy.

My Freight Manager®

Our online freight manager was designed to solve St. Charles’ problems and the surrounding Chicagoland. The easy-to-access web-based system is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The flexible and intuitive interface means you can always quickly access shipping reporting and visibility, and all reports are delivered in real-time.

The simplicity of our system means your employees will pick it up fast. You don’t need to invest time in training, and you and your staff can spend all that extra time focusing on your businesses, knowing your shipping is running smoothly.

My Freight Manager® is accessible 24/7 to all parties and is hosted at a tier-1 data center that delivers a 99.7% uptime helping to strengthen the supply chain further.

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My Freight Manager is an easy & fast solution to implement for St Charles companies
Draydex gets you St Charles companies actionable insights and high-level access to market rates


Draydex™ is a revolutionary tool. With this powerful solution, you get access to the freight industry’s most accurate spot market index. When added to shipping operations, logistics is transformed. St Charles companies will get actionable insights about shipping rates and the power to monitor all your shipments quickly.

Draydex™ is available for both contributors and non-contributors.

When used in tandem with My Freight Manager®, the results are astonishing. The two technologies complement each other and allow you to have an accurate and clear view of the supply chain and spot market index.

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State of the Art Tracking with FMITrackTM

Our state-of-the-art tracking system helps you keep an eye on your orders through every step of the supply chain in an easy-to-access online app.

All of our carriers regularly update the system. They use their mobile devices to update the status of all their shipments as they happen. FMITrack gives you clear visibility of exactly where your goods are and what is happening with them.

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FMITrack lets St Charles companies know exactly what's happening with their shipments
Keep Your Freight Moving and Your St. Charles Company Growing With Freight Management Inc's Proven Solutions

Shipping is a complex process. That s why we worked so hard to develop these technologies and solutions to simplify it for your Chicagoland company including St. Charles. We have visibility at every step of the supply chain and a strong network of trusted carriers so you can keep delivering your stellar service to your customer.

Container Drayage Management Glendale Heights

Cost-effective, streamlined container drayage management with real-time access to market rates and actionable insights.

Truckload & Less-Than-Truckload Glendale Heights

Getting the right trucks for your shipping needs is the key to getting the best rates for truckload and less-than-truckload shipments.

Retail & Special Services Glendale Heights

Offer fast, low-cost shipping and returns to your customers to stand out from your retail competition. Also, let us handle the shipments while you can confidently prep for your trade show.

Managed Tech & TMS Glendale Heights

Easily manage your shipments with a specialized set of benefits that includes bidding on available shipments, carrier selection, real-time shipment tracking, a central freight portal and customized reports that are even trusted by the United States Government.

It is time to straighten out the kinks in your supply chain. Elevate your St. Charles business and gain a competitive advantage by streamlining your shipping operations with real-time solutions.