All Of Your Logistics Needs

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An Overwhelming Process

Trying to manage the entire transportation process can be overwhelming, to say the least. Without a well-planned, well organized, technology-driven plan in place, your team can end up feeling completely overwhelmed. The next thing you know, critical considerations are getting overlooked and you are losing revenue, orders, and customers.

One Logistics Provider, Multiple Effective Solutions

The Benefits When You Choose Us As Your Logistics Provider

With over 40 years of experience in the transportation industry, Freight Management, Inc. has the expertise, carrier relationships, benchmarking data, technical insight personnel, and advanced technology to manage all of your transportation needs seamlessly.

Our proprietary technology also sets us apart. One of the solutions we offer is My Freight Manager® TMS, an entirely web-based system that provides real-time shipment visibility and reporting via an interface that is easy for even the least technical employee to learn and master.

Carrier Management

Procurement & Scheduling

Inbound Logistics

Turnkey Vendor Portal

Reporting & Metrics

Freight Pre-Audit & Payment


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Retail & Special Services

Specialized Services

15,000+ Carriers

Freight Management Benefits

Why Choose Us?

Web-Based System

Rapid Deployment


Highly Competitive Cost Structure

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Freight Management, Inc. Will Simplify Your Transportation Process

As conducting business becomes increasingly technology-driven, choosing the right Transportation Management System (TMS) for your company has never been more critical. Our entirely web-based My Freight Manager® gives you access to tools that empower you to maximize productivity, save time, and improve decision making by presenting all of the transportation information you need in one place.

Finite Event Management

Knowing where all of your shipments are is a huge benefit but keeping up with them can be time consuming. The Event Management solution is designed for companies that want to execute daily shipments themselves but want us to handle the track and trace capabilities. You keep control of your entire logistics operations while freeing up your internal resources. By utilizing Event Management, you know where all of your shipments are while saving time and money.

Operation Planning & Exceptions Management

Controlling unexpected logistics conflicts can be a hassle to manage. Working with our Operations Planning team takes that burden off while keeping you productive. Whether there are appointment conflicts, driver issues, weight problems, mechanical failures, or weather delays, we resolve these challenges with expertise. You have the flexibility to make sure logistics execution is a better experience.