Supply Chain Logistics

Visibility & Communication Keeps Your Business On Track

Supply chain logistics come with a diverse set of challenges

Logistics – A Diverse Set of Challenges

Supply chain logistics come with a diverse set of challenges. Customer service, cost control, planning & risk management, and supplier & partner relationship management are all portions of logistics that can present their own unique problems. Supply chain logistics management is a tough job, but not everything has to fall on one person’s shoulders. At Freight Management, Inc, we solve many of the challenges you face every day.

Supply Chain Logistics Challenges

Tracking Every Step of the Shipment

Tracking Every Step of the Shipment

Supply chain logistics come with a variety of demands. You need a high degree of visibility and communication to keep your business on track. Frequent updates on your shipments put your mind at ease. If you use a system that doesn’t allow you to track every part of a freight shipment’s journey, you won’t be able to plan sales, production, and other vital processes within your establishment.

Manual Pricing Search

Manual Pricing Search

You spend your time scouring rate sheets, multiple websites, and out-of-date shipping pages trying to find the best truckload, LTL, and drayage prices. This manual process is time-consuming and inefficient. You might not even end up with the best deals if you’re relying on old information.

Keeping Inventory Up To Date

Keeping Inventory Up To Date

You keep your inventory up to date, but inevitably you find you’re missing something you urgently need. You need to ship it immediately but not before you do research, wasting valuable time. In the end, your parts may cost you more than you can afford.

Solve Your Biggest Supply Chain Management Problems Affordably and Efficiently

Your most common problems can be solved with one relationship. You can get port and ramp pricing, compare carriers, and instant benchmarking with the click of a button. Booking LTL or drayage transportation can be done with ease. You can find affordable transport and get your shipment there on time in a few clicks instead of hours of work. You can consolidate data and analyze it at a higher level to make better decisions.

You can have all of this and more when you hire Freight Management, Inc. as your lead logistics provider.


Save Money and Time Managing Your Supply Chain & Logistics

We want to solve your biggest supply chain management problems, so you don’t have to

We want to solve your biggest supply chain management problems, so you don’t have to. One such example of how we can solve your problems and save you money is a digital forwarder we gave a competitive advantage to. The digital forwarder focused primarily on international business. They handled a lot of ocean freight. Once the cargo arrived in the US, it required a domestic logistics provider. We helped digitize their process, saving them time and money. That wasn’t the only thing they needed. We were able to provide instantaneous pricing, which gave them a competitive edge over the competition.

Another example is a lifestyle brand that saved more than 10% on freight costs. They needed a supply chain logistics manager that could help them with their rapid expansion. We helped them by assisting with carrier sourcing and created a drop trailer program. We also did a freight audit and claims management. These were just a few of the services we provided, which resulted in a 100% claims free delivery, 10% freight spend reduction, and 99.9% on-time deliveries.

We want you to be one of our success stories too.

They needed a supply chain logistics manager that could help them with their rapid expansion

Why Choose Freight Management, Inc.?


Over 40 years of experience.

Top 100 Freight Brokerage

Top 100 freight brokerage and logistic company based on net revenue.

My Freight Manager® TMS

Proprietary My Freight Manager TMS software to save you money and make your job easier.

Automated Email Notifications

Automated email notifications when your orders are dispatched, picked up, delayed, or delivered.

Carrier Management

Multi-Modal Carrier Management with Bill of lading creation.

Unlimited Reporting Capabilities

Gain real-time access to supply chain analytics that allows you to control and predict transportation costs.

Carrier Network

Tap into FMI’s Qualified Carrier Network of tens of thousands of carriers.

99.7% Up-Time

Tier-1 data center with 99.7% up-time.

Simplify Your Process

If these benefits sound like something that will take the stress out of your job, then you should reach out to Freight Management, Inc. today.