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Trusted & Dependable Carriers

Freight broker services are an essential part of logistics and supply chain management. Freight Management Inc. logistics professionals with over 40+ years of transportation industry experience provide you with access to trusted and dependable carriers to help make you a supplier of choice with your customers.

Logistics Services Challenges

Affordable & Efficient Solutions

Freight Management Inc. has the technology, the experience, and the resources to take the uncertainties out of your logistics worries with our reliable broker services. We help you get the best rates with the most dependable carriers to ship your freight so it arrives on time.

We help solve the many challenges of freight logistics services with cost-efficient broker solutions that:

Track every step of a shipment, with frequent updates.

Provide real-time accurate comparison pricing for best truckload, LTL, and drayage rates.

Improve inventory management with better, updated, and relevant data to make better decisions.

freight broker logistics from point of entry to warehouse

Single Point-of-Contact Freight Broker Logistics

Partner with a Transportation Broker that Gets You There

When you have dynamic shipping needs with multiple points of entry and significant warehouse capacities, partnering with a freight broker simplifies your operations and improves your logistics management. We help you access, manage, and select carriers to handle your shipments safely in the most cost-efficient manner.

Technology-Based Logistics Services & Solutions

Save Money & Time

We provide an array of flexible shipping solutions literally available with a few mouse clicks to ensure your shipments are handled the right way. Our freight brokerage software makes your logistics more efficient, with freight flows managed in real-time. In addition, the data we collect provides valuable insights to help improve your overall shipping process.

technology-based freight broker services

Freight Broker Solutions That Support Your Logistics Needs

We’re Here to Help You Over the Long-Haul

There are many benefits to working with a freight logistics company. In addition to getting easy and comprehensive access to a range of carriers and their capabilities, our freight brokers help you figure out the most cost-efficient shipping routes while also simplifying your logistics management so you can better focus on your customers and improve your bottom line. Here are just a couple of examples of how we provided an extra competitive advantage with improved logistics services:

Get Container Drayage Rates Instantly


Digital forwarder to automate ocean freight logistics process for international business. Key feature is instantaneous pricing to expedite faster.

My Freight Manager software

My Freight Manager®

My Freight Manager® technology reduces freight spend by 10% with 100% claims-free deliveries, 99.9% on-time deliveries.

Improve Your Delivery & Return Times

We want you to be our next logistics success story, try our freight broker services today or try our free management services calculator.