Freight Management Solutions

Strengthen Your Supply Chain From Chicago

Chicago’s combined airports make it the nation’s second-largest international cargo gateway. Its port also accounts for millions of tons of cargo shipped domestically and internationally each year. The large number of goods coming into and out of Chicago mean if you’re shipping goods here, you need to find a freight manager you can rely on.

When you choose Freight Management Inc. (FMI) as your logistics solution, you are guaranteed exceptional service at cost-saving rates. FMI has developed its own proprietary technology that, combined with its decades of experience, network, and resources, allows us to ensure that Chicago businesses can rely on a solid supply chain with high on-time percentages and fast visibility on shipment tracking.

For your Chicago business to thrive, you need a robust supply chain you can trust. You need to know that goods will be where they are required, on time, to keep your customers happy, your reputation intact, and your business growing. With over 40 years of experience, FMI understands the importance of safeguarding your supply chain. All carriers are carefully vetted all make sure that only the best in Chicago transport your goods. These practices allow us to deliver the following:

  • Tens of thousands of qualified truckload, LTL, and drayage carriers
  • Greater than 98% on-time performance
  • A less than 0.001% claim ratio annually
  • Proprietary My Freight Manager TMS Technology

When you partner with FMI, you will have real-time access to your shipment’s status with our custom TMS. Having clear visibility of shipments allows you to manage deadlines effectively. Our solutions provide everything you need in one spot, making it easy for you and your team to always be in the loop on what is happening with your shipment.

Freight Management Inc is Glendale Heights' transportation or supply chain solution with overall cost savings & service level improvements
Proprietary Technology

FMI’s Freight Technology Offers A Competitive Advantage To Businesses in Chicago

Standing out from your competitors in Chicago is tough. Many businesses have similar offerings, but how do you differentiate yourself? One of the best ways to stand out as a Chicago business is through exceptional customer service. FMI has developed numerous proprietary technologies with you in mind that help you successfully manage and have visibility on shipments so you can meet and exceed your customer’s expectations.

My Freight Manager®

Our web-based management system has been developed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It is easy for anyone to navigate and promptly displays real-time shipment reporting and visibility on all cargo.

My Freight Manager® is simple to master and integrate into your business. Your team will pick it up fast, and time saved from our systems will allow you to spend more hours on other areas of your business.

Access to the system is 24/7 and web-based. Monitoring of carrier safety and insurance is also 24/7, ensuring your shipments are always secure. We use tier-1 data centers to host all our systems that provide 99.7% up-time, giving you the tools you need to strengthen your shipping operations.

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My Freight Manager is easy & fast to implement, master and deploy
Draydex gets you actionable insights, high-level access to market rates & the ability to monitor shipments


Many transportation issues can affect your Chicago business when it comes to container Drayage. Draydex™ aims to eliminate them.

Our comprehensive and innovative TMS provides you with the industry’s most accurate spot market index. When used in your shipping operations, Draydex™ provides you with actionable insights, accurate market rates, and clear visibility of your shipments. Draydex™ is available for both contributors and non-contributors.

My Freight Manager® and Draydex™ combined will give you all the shipping power you need. Draydex™ feeding you the spot market index. My Freight Manager® enhances the tracking and visibility of your supply chain.

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State of the Art Tracking with FMITrackTM

FMI Track™ is a web-based tracking solution that gives you real-time visibility of your shipments. Our carriers have FMI Track™ on their smartphones and use it to provide real-time updates on their transport.

You will always know exactly where your shipment is in the supply chain. Real-time updates mean you can manage deadlines and keep customers and suppliers happy.

You do not need to download an app, and the system is free and simple to use. Shipment updates are transmitted directly into My Freight Manager®.

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Get load status updates with FMITrack on any mobile device to know exactly what's happening with your shipments
Keep Your Freight Moving and Your Chicago Business Growing

Shipping is a complex process. That is why we worked so hard to develop these technologies to simplify it for your business. We have visibility at every step of the supply chain and a strong network of trusted carriers so you can keep delivering your stellar service to your customer.

Container Drayage Management Glendale Heights

Cost-effective, streamlined container drayage management with real-time access to market rates and actionable insights.

Truckload & Less-Than-Truckload Glendale Heights

Getting the right trucks for your shipping needs is the key to getting the best rates for truckload and less-than-truckload shipments.

Retail & Special Services Glendale Heights

Offer fast, low-cost shipping and returns to your customers to stand out from your retail competition. Also, let us handle the shipments while you can confidently prep for your trade show.

Managed Tech & TMS Glendale Heights

Easily manage your shipments with a specialized set of benefits that includes bidding on available shipments, carrier selection, real-time shipment tracking, a central freight portal and customized reports that are even trusted by the United States Government.

It is time to straighten out the kinks in your supply chain. Elevate your Chicago business and gain a competitive advantage by streamlining your shipping operations.