Improved Efficiency

By Offering Multiple Modes Of Transportation

The Intermodal System

Sometimes shippers transport goods via two modes of freight in order to expedite the process faster and at a lower cost. This is known as intermodal transportation. The benefits of choosing intermodal transportation include the following…

Benefits of Intermodal Transportation

Send Shipments Coast To Coast Via North America’s Comprehensive Rail Network

The Average Freight Train moves A Ton Of Freight 436 Miles On A Single Ton Of Fuel

Railway Transportation Is Environmentally Friendly Due To Its Fuel-Efficient Nature

Intermodal Transportation Solutions

Always Looking For Ways To Save Our Customers Money & Time

Working Relationships

Beneficial Relationships

Freight Management, Inc. works with over 15,000 carriers to help you find the perfect trucks for your needs regardless of market demand. You can save time and money with just one call to one of our transportation specialists.

Ramp-To-Ramp Services

Complete Ramp-To-Ramp Services

With terminals at major ramps across the United States, FMI is well equipped to handle your shipping needs from beginning to end. We offer the ease of working with one provider for all of your shipments.

Door-To-Door Services

Real-Time Monitoring Of Door-To-Door Services

Freight Management, Inc. manages the entire shipment process. You will know exactly where your goods are at all times, from the origin point to the destination.

20' To 53' Containers

Access To 20-Foot To 53-Foot Containers

FMI offers its customers access to 20-foot to 53-foot containers. This gives you a major rail capacity to keep customers satisfied with timely shipments and returns.

Dedicated & Drop Services

Faster Shipments With Dedicated & Drop Services

Freight Management, Inc. customers can expedite shipments faster with drop and hook services. The driver simply drops off the trailer at the destination and promptly hooks up to a new trailer – saving precious time.

Get Efficient With Intermodal

Stay Within Or Under Budget And Deliver Shipments On Time