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4 Ways to Reduce Rates When Getting a Quote For Freight Service

Shipping goods from one place to another can be costly, but there are a few strategies you can employ to get the best freight rate quote for your company. This guide will discuss four easy tips to help you reduce your freight rate and get the most bang for your buck.

Invest In Volume Shipping Deals
  1. Invest In Volume Shipping Deals

    Many freight service providers, such as FMI, offer volume shipping deals, which involve lumping together several packages in a single shipment. Shipping multiple items under one service agreement quote can reduce your overall freight rates due to the bulk savings associated with dealing with a larger order. This could be particularly beneficial if you make regular shipments over long distances, bringing in enough profits to justify the investment.

    Investing in volume shipping deals can also simplify the freight process. Dealing with a single bill of lading and a single delivery receipt as opposed to multiple documents makes document processing more straightforward and faster – not to mention more cost-effective. Additionally, providers often waive their minimum order requirement for orders over a specific value, helping you save more. Whether you’re a small business or an individual, volume shipping may be the best way to ship freight efficiently and economically.

Understand Basic Assessment Factors
  1. Understand Basic Assessment Factors

    It’s essential to understand the basic factors that determine a freight rate quote. This includes the shipment’s size, shape, and weight, as well as its contents, origin, and destination. These all factor into how much space the cargo will take up in transport and what kind of special packaging and clearance is required. Many companies offer discounts on bulk shipments, and loyalty packages can help reduce costs. Understanding these underlying factors can give you leverage when negotiating rates with freight carriers.

    Understanding the various assessments when obtaining a freight quote is key to getting the best option and rate for your needs. The value of the shipment, fuel costs, and variable fees such as customs clearance can all add up quickly. Considering these when looking at quotes can help you determine the best balance between price and quality of service. That’s why FMI, a third-party freight broker, is available to take on the stress of handling these negotiations and provide competitive pricing in the process.

Negotiate Rates & Discounts
  1. Negotiate Rates & Discounts

    An often overlooked strategy for reducing your freight quote is simply negotiating rates and discounts. Many shippers will be willing to lower their rate if you show that you are serious about shipping with them. That’s where FMI comes in. We leverage the buying power of our brokerage. Given our volume of LTL and truckload shipments, we’re confident in assisting shippers in asking for a discounted rate or negotiating other discounts based on the specifics of YOUR freight rather than just reselling our already steep discounted tariffs.

    Negotiating saves money and gets the most out of your shipping budget. FMI will make a complete comparison of different freight quotes. We know our industry and which companies offer the most competitive rates, turnaround times, and service.

Utilize Payment Options & Financing
  1. Utilize Payment Options & Financing Conditions to Lower Costs

    Many freight companies offer discounts for customers willing to pay up-front or extra credit for those who opt for payment on delivery. Additionally, we can negotiate special financing conditions to help reduce the bill overall. Speak with FMI and take advantage of our industry expertise.