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DAT Transportation Integration

DAT Integrates With Our Transportation Management System

My Freight Manager® is a transportation management system (TMS) built to help your business centralize your shipping operations and gain visibility of all of your goods on one simple-to-use platform.

With My Freight Manager, you can review and manage your shipments. In addition, you have full visibility of every step of your supply chain. Simple to understand, yet in-depth reporting makes it easy to figure out where to optimize your shipments. Detailed insights into your supply chain mean that you can implement a more effective logistics strategy. Our TMS is built to integrate with all your favorite software, such as DAT’s system, to make it even easier to view every part of your supply chain in one location.

What DAT Freight & Analytics Does for You

DAT integrates seamlessly with My Freight Manager® to allow for centralized shipping data.

Customizable Integration Options

A personalized integration means that we can meet your needs for whatever you are trying to achieve for your shipping operations.

Technical Support

The DAT team supports planning and implementation. You will have expert care to ensure a fast and smooth integration process.

Application Programming Interface

APIs are available for the DAT Load Board, BookNow, OnTime, Freight Posting, and more.

Benefits of Integrating DAT With My Freight Manager

Integrating My Freight Manager® and DAT Freight & Analytics saves you time and money!

Access DAT from Our TMS

DAT Integration gives you access to extra insights inside the My Freight Manager® TMS. You can add DAT Load Board services, carrier qualification, or rating tools to your TMS. This improves customer satisfaction and gives you a responsive, extensive, and flexible set of capabilities integrated directly into your application.

Access the Largest Truckload Marketplace

DAT operates the largest truckload marketplace in North America. Transportation brokers, carriers, news organizations, and industry analysts rely on DAT for market trends and data insights.

Better Together

My Freight Manager is built for integration. By integrating our TMS with partners such as DAT, you can access everything you need to run and grow your business shipments in one place.