The holiday season is fast approaching, and Black Friday is about to kick off. But what does this mean for retailers? Of course, there are the usual headaches and an influx of orders. However, there’s more to worry about when it comes to the approaching holiday season.

This year, yet again, experts predict record-high sales in e-commerce. Black Friday ads will be top of mind for consumers. For retailers, this means there are new challenges in getting goods to customers – particularly in the last mile and with parcel services.


Logistics are the Key to Success for Retailers on Black Friday

Shoppers are expecting to find Black Friday deals at many retailers. They’re anticipating more than savings on products. They’re also looking for their purchases to be delivered in record time. As such, logistics and the final-mile delivery experiences will be more decisive than ever in meeting shoppers’ expectations — or falling short of them.

There are numerous supply chain issues that retailers are experiencing this winter gifting season. Black Friday simply exacerbates them and puts a greater spotlight on the need for impeccable logistics and a supply chain you can trust.

Ecommerce package volumes, driver shortages, a shipping container shortage, port delays, and other issues are causing concern for retailers. But why are retailers concerned?


Black Friday Deals Aren’t Just In-Store

Over the past decade, e-commerce has boomed. As it has evolved, home delivery, often within one or two days, has become synonymous with online shopping. It no longer differentiates you from your competitors. Instead, it’s something that your customers expect as standard practice.

Consumers demand that their gifts be delivered to their homes and fast this holiday season. If you can’t keep your supply chain smooth and ensure that happens, you will disappoint and possibly lose loyal customers.

With proper preparation, your supply chain will withstand when put to the test this Black Friday. One of the most important sections of the supply chain for consumer happiness is the final mile. This is crucial in customer satisfaction, and with FMI, you can keep your customers smiling this holiday season.


FMI’s Final Mile Delivery

FMI final mile delivery removes the pressure from keeping up with competitors in a lightning-fast retail space where consumers want next-day delivery, rapid returns, and cheap or free shipping.

Final Mile Service Designed for Retailers

Our final mile delivery service is specifically aimed at retailers and shippers who lack the resources necessary to expedite fast, low-cost shipping and returns processes for their customers. It is the ideal solution for smaller retailers who want to compete with delivery options this Black Friday.

We are a non-asset-based logistics service provider, which allows us to offer significant advantages to retailers and shippers in the e-commerce industry.

As a non-asset-based logistics service provider, FMI works with a nationwide network of white glove delivery specialists and technicians that will ensure your products are with your customers in time for the holidays.

White-Glove Service Makes It Even Easier

We can even help with setup for goods that require it. The products your customers receive deserve the most meticulous handling when setting up and installing – and these days, customers demand the highest level of service. We help you delight them by sending certified technicians to complete setups and installations efficiently and well.


Deliver Black Friday Deals on Time

Don’t disappoint your customers this Black Friday. Deliver on your promises and deliver your goods on time. We know it’s tough for retailers to compete with bigger e-commerce stores when they don’t have the internal resources to expedite fast shipping, so we are here to lend a helping hand with our last-mile delivery service.


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