Centralize Your Intermodal Tracking With Trinium

Full Visibility Across All Modes Of Shipping

Trinium intermodal tracking system

Trinium and My Freight Manager®

My Freight Manager® recently launched a Trinium integration. An advanced intermodal tracking system. You can now connect with pier and rail websites through the My Freight Manager® platform, giving you complete supply chain visibility across intermodal freight shipments under one login.

Our Trinium integration creates a simple way to track and trace your containers and domestic intermodal trailers. It goes hand-in-hand with our proprietary software, which better handles your imports than other platforms to give you visibility in one easy-to-use application.

Once you enter your container or trailer number into our system, it will ping through Trinium. The system then automatically tracks and traces your containers without any additional intervention needed from you or your team.

All Your Intermodal Tracking Information Under One Login

The Trinium integration works with domestic pier and rail networks. Rather than logging into multiple systems to monitor your shipment, you can quickly establish your container’s location in the supply chain with only one login.

Your intermodal container tracking data is pulled back into Trinium at set intervals and sent directly to My Freight Manager®. You can automate your availability and notification process rather than manually logging in to multiple systems to check up on where your container is.

screenshot of intermodal tms

Improve Data Accuracy

Maintaining visibility of your shipments and having access to accurate data can reduce unexpected costs. By tracking every step of the transit of your shipments, you can rapidly establish when there are service disruptions or shipment delays, allowing you to adapt quickly to any obstacle. Alternate routes of supply can be implemented faster, improving cost control. There is no way to predict disruptions in the supply chain. However, using real-time updates from our Trinium trucking software gives you access to accurate data, helping you to mitigate any potential issues as soon as they arise.

screenshot of trinium trucking software

Improve Efficiency

Improve efficiencies in your supply chain by managing availability notifications and reducing your team’s need for repetitive logins. Teams act inefficiently when they don’t have access to the information they need. Vital shipment updates are hidden behind logins, and your teams often need help knowing which one they need. With every port and rail service having its own portal for tracking, your logistics team may have to log into multiple portals before finding the shipment they need and receiving critical updates. Integrating your tracking across multiple shipping modes in one platform removes this obstacle, saving your team time and stress.

Efficient Logistics Flows With Trinium TMS

Our transportation management system has been designed to integrate with the most used logistics software from day one. You can now centralize and manage all your shipping operations in one system with all the integrations we developed. Get complete visibility of every stage of your intermodal trucking and container drayage operations by integrating the powerful Trinium tracking software with My Freight Manager.