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Transportation Management - Racelinx

Integrate Our Transportation Management System (TMS) With Ratelinx

My Freight Manager® is a transportation management system (TMS) that integrates with many of your favorite programs. Our software lets you to keep all of your shipments organized and securely store your most important information.

Our TMS system is a vital tool for carriers, customers, and vendors. The system provides users with the ability to make educated and informed decisions regarding the logistics of their shipments and their supply chain. Our user-friendly interface gives you real-time access to your shipment details to know exactly where your shipment is at any given moment. Our software integrates with some of the top software providers in the logistics space, including Ratelinx TMS!

What Ratelinx Does for You

Ratelinx is one of the top TMS companies on the market today. When you integrate Ratelinx with My Freight Manager® you gain access to real-time tracking and shipping data, so you always know where your shipments are. Ratelinx offers a variety of top-notch features to help you effectively manage your business.

Increased Visibility

You’ll get visibility across all modes of transportation. All loads including Final Mile can be tracked in real time whether you’re using a regional or global carrier. Day or night, you’ll know where your shipments are.

Reduce Transportation Costs

Ratelinx helps you to reduce costs through tools such as process automation and advanced routing. Modeling and advanced analytics give you the data you need to make educated decisions and manage cost.

Ships Any Volume

One of the features you’ll love is shipping any volume. Instead of waiting until you can fill a container, you can send goods whenever you need to. The reduction in delays will help your business run smoothly. Ratelinx handles 20+ million shipments per day and across various world currencies, no matter how small or large.

Prescriptive Insights

Prescriptive Insights by Ratelinx gives you actionable insights to make confident decisions. You can stop managing reactively and start acting proactively. You’ll get easy to understand recommendations, and they can even be automated to reduce decision time.

Managed Onboarding

Ratelinx offers managed onboarding to help make your life as a business or customer much easier. They help match you with optimal shipping companies that are best for your specific needs. When tied with My Freight Manager, you’ll experience the ease of tracking and management of all of your orders!

Benefits of Integrating Ratelinx With My Freight Manager

My Freight Manager® and Ratelinx are fantastic TMS tools on their own, but together they can help optimize your shipping experience for your business in a number of ways. From advanced modeling to predictive analytics, you’ll be able to make decisions that propel your business in the right direction every time.

Personalize Your Workflow

Ratelinx and My Freight Manager offer personalization features, which assist you in creating a customized workflow experience unlike anything else. You can track all of your shipping in one place. You’ll get to see everything inbound and outbound, as well as world currency exchange information.

Streamline the Processes

My Freight Manager helps you streamline the process of tracking your business as well as your clients having access to their purchase status in the shipping process.

Efficient Data Access

With Ratelinx and My Freight Manager, you can have your data all stored in one place. Ranging from data on your shipments, prices, and where you can make logistical adjustments, My Freight Manager can help keep your workflow simple and easy.

Better Together

My Freight Manager offers a wide variety of features to help you streamline the process as a business and as a client! Their data tracking and personalization factors combined with Ratelinx’s existing optimization strategies make them the ideal combo!