My Freight Manager Integrations


MercuryGate Transportation Management Integration

MercuryGate Integrates With Our Transportation Management System

My Freight Manager® is an all-in-one transportation management system (TMS) that centralizes the critical details of your shipments into one system.

Customers, carriers, and vendors all use our TMS to manage their shipments and gain full visibility of their supply chain. With My Freight Manager®, you get real-time visibility and access to thorough reporting that helps you make informed logistics decisions. The interface is flexible, user-friendly, and intuitive. We’re also EDI integrated with MercuryGate TMS, one of the most heavily-used TMS platforms by shippers large and small.

What MercuryGate’s TMS Does For You

The MercuryGate TMS integrates seamlessly with My Freight Manager’s TMS, and the integration is fast to set up. With the MercuryGate integration, you get access to real-time shipment status updates that help keep your supply chain running smoothly. MercuryGate also has some great feature offerings:

ROI Calculator

Reduce outbound freight and fuel costs by rating and optimizing each leg of the journey. Book, plan, and execute capacity to any part of the world based on the best rate available.

Quickly select the best mode, carrier, and route for every shipment. Consolidate loads across your entire customer base for savings you can pass on to clients.

TMS Platform

The MercuryGate TMS platform automates the entire shipping cycle. Use automation and visibility to effectively leverage time, people, information, opportunity, efficiency, and innovation for real bottom-line impact.

Claims Management

MercuryGate has a simple-to-use claims management system. View all of your shipping data to easily handle and manage any type of claim.

With MercuryGate you can receive and respond to any claim. This includes loss or damage of shipments OS&D incidents, overcharges, vendor claims, and return authorization requests.

Benefits of Integrating MercuryGate With My Freight Manager

Integrating My Freight Manager® and MercuryGate saves you time and money!

TMS Plus Real-Time Shipment Tracking

Real Time Visibility from MercuryGate integrates with the My Freight Manager® TMS to improve processes and efficiencies. The Real Time Visibility allows you to make data-driven decisions and lower your freight spend. Powered by AI and IoT, these new technologies leverage data to help you remove the kinks in your supply chain and make intelligent decisions in the moment.

Use Integrated Data to Identify Trends

With MercuryGate integrations, your data is no longer in silos. All your shipping data is in one location and formatted the same way, making it easy to understand and gain insights. Use automatically generated reports and graphs to identify trends within your logistics, such as claim requests or shipping delays, to help you make smarter shipping decisions.

Better Together

My Freight Manager is built to integrate with your trusted and favorite logistics platforms to give your supply chain total visibility in one easy-to-navigate platform. Simplify your supply chain processes by viewing all of your logistics information in one place and gaining complete visibility that allows you to make smart shipping decisions based on up-to-date and accurate data without switching between platforms.