My Freight Manager Integrations


Kuebix Transportation Integration

Integrate Kuebix With Our Transportation Management System

My Freight Manager® is a transportation management system (TMS). Build connected shipping operations within your business with a TMS that gives you complete visibility of your supply chain. With My Freight Manager®, you can review and manage your shipments. Get access to a simple to navigate and user-friendly platform that takes no time for your team to become fluent in.

In-depth reporting makes it easy to determine where you can optimize your shipments. Detailed reporting gives you unparalleled insights into your supply chain, which you can use to adjust your logistics strategy and improve efficiencies. Our TMS is built to integrate with all your favorite software, such as Kuebix, to make it even easier to view every part of your supply chain in one location.

What Kuebix Does for You

Kuebix integrates seamlessly with My Freight Manager® to allow for centralized shipping data.

eCommerce Integrations

You can connect your e-commerce or quoting platforms to Kuebix directly through open API integration.

Your business can leverage the power of the Kuebix to view rating, booking, scheduling, and tracking. In turn, it allows you to provide stellar service to keep your customers returning time and time again.

ERP Integrations

ERP integrations can be used to increase efficiencies and drive down your shipping costs. These integrations allow information like product and order details to flow automatically from an ERP or ordering system directly into Kuebix TMS and vice versa.

Benefits of Integrating Kuebix With My Freight Manager

Integrating My Freight Manager® and Kuebix saves you time and money!

Provide Better Customer Service

It becomes simple to provide clients with status updates on their orders. You can proactively make changes to avoid a poor customer experience and react to changes in the supply chain on the fly.

Save Time

There’s no more wasting time manual keying in of order and shipment information. This both saves time and removes the possibility of human error. Give your logistics staff the freedom to turn their attention to other areas.

Better Together

My Freight Manager is built for integration. By integrating our TMS with partners such as Kuebix, you can access everything you need to run and grow your business shipments in one place.