Get Drayage Rates Instantly In Your TMS

A New & Improved Way To View Your Supply Chain

Transportation management systems api integration

Transportation Management Integration

Our proprietary software now integrates with your TMS through our custom API, so there is no need to add an additional platform. A simple API integration that gives you instant rates and accessorial fees all within your own TMS or ERP, saving your team time and your business money.

Easy Set Up

An API integration that does not need a whole IT department to set up. This simple integration can work for any business using any TMS.

Everything in One Place

Who wants to have 10 different platforms open to get visibility of their supply chain? No one, which is why our data can integrate into your existing system.

Low Cost

Our patented API is free of charge if you only want FMI’s “Book Now” pricing data or $229/month for data gathered from all the other drayage carriers who contribute to our market index, DraydexTM.

Control Your Costs & Avoid Issues in Your Supply Chain

FMI has over 40 years of experience in the transportation industry. We know that your transportation and logistics running smoothly are essential to hitting targets and keeping customers happy. Leveraging our vast experience and professional relationships, we have created a revolutionary API integration that gives your business access to the industry’s most accurate spot market index, giving you instant rates and accessorial fees.
40 years of experience
FMI API integrates with any TMS

Integration with any Transportation Management System

You don’t need to be using FMI’s TMS, My Freight Manager®, to get access to this valuable data. Our API means that you can quickly and easily integrate our program with your own TMS. Not only can our integration work with all major TMS systems, but it also works with any custom TMS. No matter what system your organization is using, you can get FMI drayage rates visible within your system with simple API integration.

Drayage Rates With A Simple Integration

“Book It Now” Feature (FREE)

View pricing from FMI backed by our vast network of qualified drayage carriers to pay a much more competitive rate. Our drayage and domestic services are entrusted by nearly every freight forwarder out there.

BEST Spot Market Index

Gain the knowledge to understand what the current spot market dictates at each ramp/port.

FMI API Integration Inquiries For Shippers & Forwarders

Contact us today to learn how our API can integrate with your TMS, saving you time and money in your shipping.