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Keep Up With Your Drayage Demand With The Best Directory

Drayage is in demand now more than ever. Online ordering has reached an all-time high due to the pandemic, and drop shipping is booming. That means all of the cargo coming on ships will need transport to its final destination. This massive influx of freight causes chaos.

Don’t let your freight get stuck at the port and rack up the fees. We help companies, and freight forwarders sift through the confusion and get their drays moved now with the industry’s best drayage directory.

Cut Drayage Costs & Fees With Draydex, FMI’s Free Directory

Truck drayage and intermodal drayage costs can add up quickly. Per diem fees and storage charges contribute to large bills which companies may not be equipped to handle. Unexpected expenses and other unforeseen problems plague many institutions. They’re just not equipped to handle these things on their own. Delays, chassis shortages, traffic, lack of communication, and spotty tracking cause undue stress and drive up costs.

Drayage is full of inefficiencies, communication issues, and high costs. It doesn’t have to be though. The solution is DraydexTM, our real-time cost-saving directory that is web-based so you have access anywhere and anytime.

Cut Drayage Costs & Fees With Draydex, FMI's Free Directory

Your Own Drayage Directory Of Real-Time Rates

Eliminates Inefficiency And Is Completely Free


At Freight Management, Inc., we offer the powerful real-time drayage directory for your rate quotes, DraydexTM. With it, you can efficiently manage your drayage pricing and know which providers to turn to first in order to get your containers out of the port and be more productive.

You’ll also get access to “Book It Now” live-market rates and actionable insights. Best of all, you’ll be able to monitor your containers. DraydexTM is the industry’s most accurate spot index. We take the stress out of drayage.

How Our Draydex Directory Can Help With Your Drays

Instant Drayage Pricing

Instant Drayage Pricing

Our drayage directory provides instant rates that the average directory falls short on. It has a “Book It Now” feature so that you can take advantage of competitive rates. We handle tens of thousands of containers each year for nearly every major Freight Forwarder. Instant drayage pricing, including capacity, takes the hassle out of your job. It even lists accessorial fees to take out the guesswork. There’s no limit to the number of free rates you can get so that you can make the best choice based on your requirements.

Rate Management & Comparison

Rate Management & Comparison

Our free rate management system that comes with our DraydexTM directory saves you time and money. You’ll enjoy easy rate management and comparisons with centralized information. Full visibility for your ocean import and export managers will allow you to ensure your team is getting the best prices available. You’ll decrease costs and increase efficiency.

The Best Spot Market Index In The Industry

The Best Spot Market Index In The Industry

We offer the best spot market index in the industry with our one-of-a-kind tool. You’ll gain the knowledge you need to understand the current spot market. Reduce drayage costs, prevent communication breakdowns, and find helpful insights all within one directory.

Tracking Every Step of the Shipment

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Best of all, DraydexTM by Freight Management, Inc. is free of charge!

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We have 40+ years of experience in the transportation industry. You’ll be able to leverage our professional relationships to lower costs and improve efficiency. With our know-how, you can streamline processes, get rates at lightning speed, and choose the best transportation for your needs. We’ll take your business to places you’ve never dreamed of.

40 years experience in the transportation industry

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