Furniture sales present unique obstacles in the supply chain. As such, logistics for furniture sales have to be addressed uniquely. What works for e-commerce won’t work for furniture. Distinctions in manufacturing and market demand mean supply chain logistics need a fresh perspective for furniture sales, and the best solution tends to be white glove logistics with its care and attentiveness.Learn more about white-glove logistics and its benefits for furniture sales. 

What is White Glove Logistics

What do you think of when you think of white glove? Probably the opera or another formal social event. Your logistics team might not be going to the opera, but the term white-glove shows you the level of care and delicacy that will be taken with your shipments when you use a white-glove service. A white glove logistics service is impeccable and more personalized than a standard delivery.White glove logistics essentially means that you are getting a premium delivery service. It entails added extras that typically logistics teams won’t include. This may consist of additional attention to details with items requiring handling with care during transportation or installing an item with delivery. 

What is White Glove Logistics Used For?

White glove logistics is commonly used for furniture delivery. It is also used in other areas, including valuable, fragile, and climate-sensitive items such as works of art, wedding cakes, or expensive antiques.Almost every delivery company will tell you that they treat your goods with care. However, white-glove logistics goes over and above the norm. Their attitude towards handling your furniture will set this service apart from the rest. 

Why White Glove Logistics Is The Best Solution For Furniture Delivery

There are many important reasons why white glove logistics is the best solution for furniture delivery. Below we go through some of the top ones. 

First Mile To Final Mile

White glove logistics doesn’t handle just one part of transportation. FMI can handle your whole journey from port (first mile) and to the customer’s house (final mile). If you need someone to arrange pick up at the port and transport to a distribution center, retailer, or beyond, FMI can make it all possible without any added effort on your part. White glove services will make that final mile, whatever the destination, something you no longer have to worry about. 

Getting Furniture Delivered AND Set Up When Customers Need It

Your customers have not ordered a new toaster on Amazon that can be hidden behind the trash can or left with a neighbor. Furniture items are usually large, bulky, and heavy. As such, your customers need to be at home to receive them. If a customer orders a summer patio set in June, they don’t want to receive it in September. White glove service can help with that and more.White glove service isn’t just a delivery service. Providers will carry a treadmill up 4 flights of stairs, unpack, assemble, and test it to make sure the customer is completely happy. It means arriving with a desk at the customer’s office, unpacking it, assembling it, and making sure it’s placed exactly where the customer wants it.A white glove delivery service goes beyond simply promising to get your package delivered on time, but they will also work to deliver it at the most suitable time for your customers.White glove teams personally contact your customer to understand what hours they will be at home to receive the delivery and give them a tailored time slot. They will often contact the customer to see if there are any specific delivery needs, such as delivering to a third-floor apartment with no elevator. 

Hassle-Free Setup

White glove logistics is typically much more than a delivery service. Delivery teams may complete the additional tasks of unpacking, installing, or setting the customers’ furniture in the right location within their property.White glove experts will also dispose of any excess packaging material so that your customers don’t need to worry about large boxes for the trash cluttering up their homes. 

Quality Customer Service

The level of customer service during delivery can make or break the experience for your customers. Grouchy delivery people who won’t help bring in bulky furniture items or expensive new dining sets that get scratched or marked as they are being assembled will ensure you get a complaint and a customer who never buys from you again.White glove logistics workers deliver flawless customer service. They have dedicated teams who interact with your clients. Agents are well-trained, punctual, polite, and professionals and work hard to deliver the best representation of your brand possible. 
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