Find The Best Local Trucking Companies & Learn What Types Of Containers They Want To Ship Your Goods In

If you’re looking for someone to transport your imported or exported goods, you’re probably thinking, “what local trucking companies are near me,” “what types of shipping containers do they have,” and “what type of truck or container is best for my goods.”

You need a trusted and reliable local trucking company that will keep your supply chain strong and get your goods delivered on time.

The actual moving of your goods is just one piece. As we learned with the Ever Given disaster, different items are placed in specific types of shipping containers, some of which are in short supply right now.

Don’t worry; if you don’t know much about shipping containers or your local trucking companies, we’ll teach you the main types of trucking and ocean containers and what each is best used for. This knowledge will help you to have informed discussions with trucking drayage companies and ensure you get the best services for your specific needs.


Finding A Local Trucking Company Near Me

If you need to find local trucking companies near you, you can start at a few places. Most metropolitan areas will have various trucking companies operating from them. A quick search on Google for “trucking company in [my city]” or “trucking companies near me” will deliver you some fast results. You can also look through phone directories, ask for recommendations from other businesses that ship goods in your area, and check social media.

Alternatively, you can look for a transportation management or logistics service provider such as Freight Management Inc.

Once you have found some local trucking companies, how do you decide which one to work with? Well, one thing you will want to talk to your trucking or drayage companies about is the types of containers they are familiar working with to make sure they have experience in the import or export of your particular goods.


Different Types Of Ocean Shipping Containers

As you dive into the shipping world, you’ll realize there are many names for those steel metal boxes packages are placed in and all the trucking companies near you will have their own lingo as well. Some common terms you’ll hear are cargo containers, conex boxes, shipping containers, sea boxes, and storage containers.

Here are a few of the different types of shipping containers that you will become familiar with. Each has their own purpose and are specifically engineered to transport certain types of goods in the best possible way.

General Purpose Shipping Containers

General-purpose/dry shipping containers are the most common type of trucking containers you’ll see. Fully enclosed and weatherproof, they’re the most popular choice for shipping the majority of goods.

Flat Rack Shipping Containers

A flat rack container has sides that can fold down to make a flat rack. They are used for shipping things that are too large to fit inside a standard shipping container. The two ends that don’t collapse create a strong exterior where heavy machinery can be secured and safely transported.

Open Top Shipping Containers

Open top containers have tops that can be removed and are used to transport goods that are too tall for a standard shipping container. The difficulty with these containers is that if a product is too tall to fit inside a standard container, it cannot be loaded through the doors. Instead, it must be loaded from the removable top, which requires a crane or other machinery.

Double Door Shipping Containers

Double-door or tunnel containers have doors that open on both ends. These types of containers make loading and unloading products easy.

Insulated Shipping Containers

An insulated container has a regulated temperature. The air within the container can be heated or cooled to maintain a stable temperature for the duration of the time your goods are inside. These containers are necessary for transporting things such as food or pharmaceuticals where temperature changes affect the integrity of the goods.

ISO Reefer Shipping Containers

Like an insulated container, an ISO reefer container is temperature regulated. An insulated container works kind of like a thermos, constructed of a vacuum flask. However, ISO reefer containers are reliant on external power and are made from weathering steel.

Tank Shipping Containers

Tank containers vary from the above for their cylindrical ‘tank’ shape. They are also made out of stronger steel than other trucking containers that allow them to transport corrosive liquids. If you are shipping liquids and a need tank container, it is important to know that the container must be 80% full for safety reasons and is not able to be filled to more than 95% capacity.

Now that you know the different types of shipping containers and the lingo, you can start searching for a trucking company near you that has the proper containers for your job. Different containers will cost different amounts to ship, so do your homework and make sure you are getting a fair price.

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