Your transportation management system (TMS) can save your organization a significant amount of money by reducing freight spend. What are the benefits of TMS? Companies indicated an 8% savings due to a TMS in the results of a survey conducted by ARC Advisory Group. 60% of the respondents indicated that the costs of using the TMS ate less than 10% of their net profit, making the ROI from their TMS strong.

Other transportation management system benefits include:

  • Track shipment updates
  • Get a heads-up on delays and potential delays
  • Provide shipment details to make following up easier
  • Measure how well your supply chain functions
  • Aids in delivering excellent customer service

Third-party logistics (3PL) providers make TMS solutions available to clients to assist them in setting up and carrying out their shipments. Freight Management, Inc. (FMI) designed its all-in-one TMS, My Freight Manager®, to give clients access to key details of each shipment in one central system.

Minor Upfront Investment, Major Results

Keeping track of the many different factors involved in shipping can seem like an insurmountable task. Managing these moving parts, in addition to multiple teams working on each shipment, can make a unified approach seem unreachable.

Correcting this issue is one of the many transportation management system benefits. At FMI, we give clients access to our My Freight Manager TMS and knowledgeable staff with the expertise to guide them through the process of managing their shipments. Rather than using a TMS from one provider and staff from another, we give you the benefit of getting everything “under the same hood” with our TMS technology. We offer a plug-and-play solution that allows you to choose the transportation management solutions that are best for your individual company and will save you the most money.

My Freight Manager TMS gives you complete transparency into your shipments including:

  • Unlimited vendors and users
  • Shipment tracking in real-time
  • Instant less-than-truckload rates
  • Document and POD retrieval
  • Automated email notifications
  • Customized, detailed reports

By gaining these insights into your shipments, you get the information you need to maximize the amount of money you can save. From choosing the most competitive less-than-truckload rates to learning about inefficiencies from the detailed reports, My Freight Manager gives you control over your shipping costs.

We designed our TMS to be easy for anyone to use regardless of their technical proficiency. The interface is intuitive, flexible and easy for your staff to master. The transportation management system benefits of My Freight Manager TMS are further enhanced by Draydex™, our advanced TMS extension that gives users access to the most accurate spot market index in the industry.

Do not let your revenue hemorrhage due to a costly, inefficient TMS. Take advantage of our powerful transportation management solutions. Freight Management, Inc. gives you My Freight Manager, a central place to get the information you need to reduce freight spend and gain savings.

Reduce Shipment Costs

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