You know what we’re talking about. When you are in search of Transportation Management System (TMS) technology or you need to outsource logistics, the provider gives you the run around for weeks before they share the cost of their services with you.

The reality is, most of these companies are basing this quote on your shipment or “transaction” volume. A higher volume of shipments involves more labor.

Regardless of the reason, you do not have time to wait around for all these transportation management service estimates. Fortunately, you no longer have to with Freight Management Inc.

Get Estimates Quickly

Taking into account inbound loads per year, outbound loads per year, private network TSP volume percent, and FMI qualified carrier network percent, the My Freight Manager® managed services calculator gives you the estimates you need immediately.

Customers can choose from two different tiers so that they know exactly what they will get and what they can expect to pay for it.

Technology With Finite Event Management

Keeping track of your shipments is necessary, but it can be time-consuming. This event management tier is designed for companies that want to execute daily shipments themselves but want us to handle the track and trace capabilities. You will retain control of your entire logistics operations while freeing up your internal resources. By utilizing our event management services, you know where all of your shipments are throughout the transportation process while you save time and money.

You get the following transportation management services with this tier:

  • Includes All Features Of My Freight Manager® TMS
  • Unlimited Users
  • Rate Shop Multiple LTL Carriers (Your Rates or Ours)
  • Manage All Your Multi-Modal Carriers (FTL, LTL, Dray)
  • Create Shipping Documents (BOL, Rate Confirmations)
  • Dedicated Staff To Track Your Shipments
  • Ensure Timely Pick-Ups & Deliveries
  • Proactive Communication Throughout The Day
  • Automated Email Notifications On Every Shipment
  • Detailed Reporting Capabilities (No Limit)
  • Instant Messaging Service Thru The TMS
  • Root Cause Analysis Into Missing/Late, OS&D Shipments

Technology With Operation Planning & Exceptions Management

Controlling unexpected logistics conflicts can become a time-consuming hassle. Our operations management team relieves you of this burden, allowing your team to be more productive. Our knowledgeable team of freight experts resolve appointment conflicts, driver issues, weight problems, mechanical failures or weather delays, we resolve these challenges with an advanced level of expertise.

You get the following transportation management services with this tier:

  • Includes Everything From Finite Event Management, PLUS…
  • Schedule & Tender Daily Shipments
  • Manage Daily Tracking & Tracing Tasks
  • Manage Inbound Vendors & Provide Web Portal
  • Facilitate Order/Route/Mode/Carrier Optimization
  • Collect & Evaluate Carrier Performance Data
  • Oversee Carrier Relations & Daily Interaction
  • Provide Visibility to Pricing, Shipping Status, & Reports
  • Identify & Execute Continuous Improvement Opportunities
  • Problem Resolution Utilizing Full Resources of FMI

The Services & Support You Need To Save Money While Improving Productivity

Freight Management Inc. was established to help businesses effectively manage and monitor their shipments. We understand your pain points and we have the solutions to solve them.

It starts with our managed services calendar and it includes industry expertise plus our proprietary technology. We have the most accurate spot market index in the industry and other tools that empower you to take charge of your shipments.

Calculate Your Costs & See How Much You’ll Save

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