Transportation management system software is the backbone of the supply chain. Without functional, usable software, logistics begins to fall apart. Some people call TMS software “trucking” software, but it’s much more vital than this name suggests. It assists in the movement of physical goods and covers the planning, execution, and optimization of the transportation process. These are the six best TMS software packages for 2020.

Transportation Management System Software Vital to Success

In today’s tech-heavy era, utilizing transportation management software is even more important to a company’s success. Your system should help you save time and money, analyze your data, and simplify your processes. It should also address your unique needs. These products consolidate accounting, invoicing, routing, dispatching, and planning for transportation systems (as well as other crucial processes).

1. Get In-Person or Online Training with My Freight Manager by FMI

My Freight Manager software is perfect for shippers with an annual freight spend of $1 million to $10 million. With this powerful platform, you’ll gain control and visibility into your shipments. The easy-to-use interface allows for transparent customer reporting. Implementation and deployment can be done quickly and can be completed in as little as 48 hours.

My Freight Manager includes features like carrier, 3PL & vendor management, order management, multi-modal shipment support, rating, and billing and invoicing. This cloud-based transportation management software package has both online and in-person training, so your whole team can hit the ground running! Plus, leverage our carrier relationships, technical insight, and benchmarking data to save money and grow your business.

The new and improved Draydex handles your container drayage issues. You’ll be able to monitor your shipments, get access to market rates, and review actionable insights. You’ll be able to compare carriers, book quickly, get ramp and port pricing, monitor carrier insurance and safety, and more.

Some stand out features are the free Draydex rate management system, the spot market index, and book it now features. You’ll get rates, be able to calculate line-haul and fuel, and book all in one place!

2. Kuebix TMS Offers Rapid Onboarding

Kuebix is a modular cloud-based software. It scales to meet your needs regardless of the size of your supply chain. Implementation can be completed in weeks, allowing you to onboard rapidly. You’ll also enjoy the ability to integrate both internal and third-party systems like warehouse management with ease. Collaboration is a cinch with its portals, and you’ll never search for actionable insights to make your business more efficient. You’ll be up and running in record time with Kuebix.

3. TMS Transportation Management Solution MercuryGate TMS

MercuryGate TMS gives you the technology and functionality you need, whether you’re a small or big business. Some of the standout features Mercury Gate boasts are a flexible workflow and multileg planning and optimization. It’s easy to configure, so you can get up and running in no time at all. Benefit from the load planning and transportation modeling. Reusable settings, onboarding, and repetitive processes increase efficiency. MercuryGate TMS is a comprehensive freight and transportation management system. Shippers small and large, as well as 3PL’s utilize MercuryGate. It is a very robust system, so extensive training is generally required.

4. Standalone TMS with Blujay Solutions

Blujay Solutions is for both domestic and international transportation management. They support medium to large shippers, and some packages include plug and play capabilities. Bluejay works with freight managers who focus on several modalities. These include forwarding and shipping. They deliver a powerful package that includes warehouse management, yard management, and customs management. You’ll find everything you need under the hood of this platform. Blujay boasts some of the biggest names as customers, so pricing can vary greatly.

5. Oracle TMS Helps Shippers and Logistics Service Providers (LSPs)

Oracle TMS has the whole package. Their easy to use software assists shippers and LSPs manage all of their transportation activities all over the globe. When you purchase this product, you get software that manages operational planning, transportation intelligence, fleet management, freight payment and billing, and carrier sourcing. You’ll improve efficiency and visibility. You’ll gain the ability to track every step of the life cycle for both domestic and international shipments. This system is generally geared towards much larger shippers.

6. 3Gtms Solves Tough Problems

3Gtms was founded with a vision to solve some of the most difficult freight management issues. It’s Tier 1 TMS system has freight management tools like multi-modal shipment planning and continuous pool optimization to make freight management less challenging. It’s also self-configurable so you maintain as much control over your systems and processes as you’d like. The user-friendly platform will allow your whole staff to streamline their tasks, even if they’re not a tech genius. 3Gtms will solve many of the challenges your team faces every day.

Find the Right TMS Software Today

While we chose these six TMS software packages as the best for their wealth of features, there are many other packages out there. We encourage you to explore which platform has the features and benefits you need.

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