Get Access The Industry’s Most Accurate Drayage Spot Market Index Rates

A spot quote is a one-time rate quote issued to a shipper for one transaction or one group of transactions. A spot market index is a running breakdown of these drayage rates.

How do you reduce drayage costs when transportation issues like the following present themselves?

  • Communication breakdowns
  • Software employees struggle to learn and use
  • Shipping time lost due to railway delays and highway congestion

Add to these problems rapidly mounting associated costs including:

  • Storage fees
  • Flip charges
  • Per-diem charges

Further compounding the matter is how quickly freight rates change and the many factors that go into determining them.


Get Real-Time Rates Submitted By Top Global Freight Forwarders

Draydex™, Freight Management, Inc.’s advanced TMS extension, eliminates these issues with up-to-the-minute information on freight rates. Featuring the industry’s most accurate drayage spot market index, Draydex offers insight that is hard to find elsewhere. Why? Top global freight forwarders contribute regularly to the index.

Draydex is FREE OF CHARGE to use and gives you free unlimited access to drayage rates

With Draydex you get:

  • Port and ramp pricing from all ports and ramps
  • Detailed presentations of accessorial charges and linehauls
  • Alternate route instant pricing
  • Historical lane searches
  • Comparisons between carriers
  • Lightning-fast booking speed
  • More accurate and efficient record-keeping
  • Carrier compliance, insurance and safety monitoring

Best of all, Draydex is FREE OF CHARGE to use and gives you free unlimited access to drayage rates – we never impose a cap!

The first of its kind

Draydex is the first tool of its kind. Using our drayage spot market index allows you to fully grasp the rates at every ramp and port as indicated by the spot market. This knowledge empowers you to secure the most competitive rates.

A Full Suite Of Tools

In addition to the drayage spot market index, Draydex offers other valuable tools.

Book Now Function

The Book Now function includes accessorial charges and instant pricing from every port and ramp. You get competitive pricing presented in a comprehensive format.

view competitive rates in real-time with trucking spot rates

Free Rate Management System

No more emailing your entire carrier network, waiting for hours to get rates and then calculating all of the information manually! Our free rate management system allows you to send and store all your drayage rate requests in one central place for easy and fast access anytime.

Do not get held back by a lack of visibility into freight rates. Get the insight you need with our free drayage spot market index.

Keep Your Freight Rates Low – FREE Of Charge

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